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Zaknafein Do' Urden

Zaknafein Rocks @ Rizzenisatool.net

Zaknafein = Sex
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
For the fans of Zaknafein


Much as I joke about Rizzen, no character bashing...
No fighting with other members
No trolling
No spamming

What's okay to post?

Artwork - Art = Good

Fanfics - Be they Dirty or Not. Just make sure there are warnings about spoilers for those in the middle of reading the books/series and also, be sure to rate it: R. PG-13 etc etc..

Books & Author Discussions

Music - If you made your own fan soundtrack. Some people do this and if you have then we would love to hear what you've put together!

Now, be good to eachother and play nice. Anyone who doesn't abide by the rules will be turned into driders and summarily executed/banned permanently.

Visit the Artist kind enough to do my page bg: Develynia

Visit me while your at it!